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EFT Certification: A Meaningful Journey

Moderators: Susan Raab-Cohen, PhD.  And Dorsey Green, PhD—Both Supervisors in Training.  PSEFT co-founders will participate as well.


Special Guest: Sandy Jardine, EFT Certified Supervisor, Co-Founder of Arizona EFT. 

Friday, June 4, 2021
1 pm - 3 pm (PDT) Online  - No Cost

Friday, June 4th: 1-3 pm (may run a little longer)

As EFT Therapists we are assembling our own emotions, meanings and action tendencies as we try to get Certified as therapists or supervisors.  Each person’s journey is unique.  This informal panel will include EFTers who have succeeded and those who are stuck.  We’ll discuss Self of Therapist issues, procrastination and the role of supervision.  We’ll discuss the overt and personal benefits of certification.  We’ll offer support to those who are discouraged.   Significant time will be spent answering questions from attendees, including new ICEEFT guidelines for therapist certification videos.  Panel moderators will stay past 3:00 till 3:30 if participants have questions or comments.  Several other PSEFT Organizing Committee members will be present to discuss their journeys.  

Sandy, Dorsey and Susan are pleased to offer this panel at no charge to  PSEFTers in support of our Puget Sound community.

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Susan Raab-Cohen and Dorsey Green are psychologists in practice in Seattle, both specializing in couples work.  They built their friendship in graduate school at UW where they each earned their doctorates in Counseling Psychology.  They began their EFT journeys in 2006 when they heard Sue Johnson talk at a Couples Conference in California.  Eventually they became EFT buddies and co-led many Hold Me Tight groups in the Seattle area.  They both struggled to get Certified, which finally happened in 2018/2019—after each of their journeys was interrupted by health issues.  Susan and Dorsey are now re-doing the Certification journey by trying to become Certified EFT Supervisors.   They are proud members of the Organizing Committee for PSEFT.  


Sandy Jardine is an EFT Certified Therapist and Supervisor.  She and her husband are co-founders of Arizona EFT.  As an established supervisor, Sandy has helped many EFTers on their paths towards EFT Certification as Therapists and Supervisors.  She has also supported our PSEFT efforts to expand offerings to Seattle EFTers.   

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